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Meep! – Official Selection of the Santa Cruz Film Festival

by Erikka Innes

“Meep!” is a short film about a couple that attends a therapy session because they are infuriated by one another’s communication skills. Unfortunately for them, the therapist understands them even less.

I’m enthusiastic to announce that “Meep!” will be appearing in the “Keep Santa Cruz Weird” program at the Santa Cruz International Film festival. This is the second time one of my shorts has gotten into this program, last time “Don’t Feed the Yuppies” was in there.

One really cool thing is “Meep!” is the third film I’ve made, and it’s also the third film I’ve had go to festival… 3 for 3. I hope “Pool Pirates” gets in some place too, then it’ll be 4 for 4!

You can find out about getting tickets for the “Keep Santa Cruz Weird” program by clicking the hyperlink. It’d be great to see people out at the show!

A lot of talented people helped make “Meep!” happen. I could not have made this film without the help of the talented Suzi Anvin, Peter Anvin, Matthew Galvin, Howard Stone, and Rob Millner.

Keep Santa Cruz Weird
2 p.m., Saturday, May 7th, Nickelodeon 2, Santa Cruz, CA



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