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Comedy and Film Update for 2011, a Prime New Year

by Erikka Innes

Hey gang,

Things have been busy but here’s an update on what I’ve been working on in both film and comedy:

1. Pool Pirates – It’s done at last! And I have a special surprise regarding the film poster/t-shirt. Stay tuned!

2. Christmas Hangover Show – I know it’s late to be posting, but we sold out the San Jose Improv for this show, 450 people in attendance and a minor riot at the doorway from people who wanted to come, but were turned away. Awesome!

3. Album – I may be releasing a comedy album soon… more news when I figure out who will be releasing it.

4. Touchdown – I will be appearing in the film “Touchdown” starring William Morse. I’ll post clips from my scene when the film is edited together and made available.

5. Spec Scripts – I’m writing some new spec scripts as I posted on Twitter and my facebook fan page. I’ll be prepping them for review in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in reviewing one drop me a line via twitter or join my fan page!

More news when I have it! Hope you’re doing well in the New Year!

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