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The Set for Unicorn Dance Party 2 (My 3rd Album)

by Erikka Innes

I’m so excited! We put together the set! This is what it looked like during the filming of Unicorn Dance Party 2!

Our production designer Wendie Goode Dox came up with the design and everyone pitched in to build the set. I sewed the columns – they are made from brightly colored silk sewn around small exercise hoops. Wendie suggested we try this to get the shape. There are lights at the base of each column to give an illuminated effect. Sky Adams and the stage manager nailed the flats together. The stage manager added the silvery curtain in the back, and Pierce Cook worked on the lighting. A fun piece of trivia – the couch apparently used to belong to Burt Reynolds! Haha!

The unicorn is actually too big inflated to fit in a car. Wendie had to go to a gas station to blow it up, and then walk down the street carrying the unicorn back to the theatre.

We have a lot of editing to do, so the special will hopefully be out in the first half of 2017.

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