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Shivers at Midnight – Published in Antipodean SF

by Erikka Innes

Here’s a piece I’ve posted about before called “Shivers at Midnight.” It’s about a pathetic guy who wants to be a werewolf so he can kill his terrible girlfriend. It was first published in the Antipodean SF. They usually only take Australian writers, but were kind enough to include me as well!

It’s archived here: SHIVERS AT MIDNIGHT

And I’m just going to post the story here as well:

“Wait,” the shackled werewolf whimpered. “You don’t understand. It’s not like what you think. It’s a terrible curse! I — “.

Samuel cut his pleading short by punching a needle into his neck. The werewolf screamed.

“Now, your fiendish powers will be mine!” Samuel cackled as he drained a blood sample, removed the needle, and plunged it into his own arm. “I can feel the power coursing through my veins already!” Laughing wildly, Samuel tore from the apartment, everything forgotten now except his newfound joy at becoming a werewolf.


The little man chained to the wall sighed. Awkwardly, he transformed, slipping his shackles. He padded out through the open door of his apartment into the moonlight to retrieve the evening news.


In his car, Samuel sped along a dark, wooded road. He was almost at the trailhead where his girlfriend was supposed to meet him.

Samuel’s phone rang.

“Where are you?” Samantha screeched.

“Nearly there, dear, for 11:45 as planned.”

“Oh. Alright. I thought you were going to be late again.”

“Wouldn’t miss tonight for the world,” Samuel said.

Samuel disconnected the call and grinned. Yes. Tonight, he would deal with Samantha. He’d broken up with her at least seventeen times, but she always came back — like a stubborn wart. But not tonight. Because tonight, Samuel would transform into a werewolf, tear Samantha to shreds, and eat her.

“Let’s see her come back from that,” Samuel giggled. He wondered if girlfriend tasted anything like steak. He licked his lips in anticipation and almost missed the turn for the trailhead. Damn. It wouldn’t do to be late. He’d read about werewolves. His first transformation was involuntary, and would happen around midnight.

Samuel brought his car to a screeching stop at the trailhead at 11:46.

Samantha tapped her watch as Samuel approached. “Just as I thought,” she said, “late.”

Samuel ground his teeth. “But not too late to show you a wonderful surprise!”

Samantha’s face softened. “I think I know what it is.”

He winced. The idiotic woman thought he was going to propose. Samuel made an attempt to give her an adoring look. Just a few more minutes now. “Let’s hurry,” he said.

“Samuel! My shoes!” her voice was shrill.

Samuel took a moment to examine Samantha’s outfit. She’d picked heels and a miniskirt for a walk in the woods. He grinned. A silver lining. She wouldn’t be outrunning him in those.

“No trouble,” Samuel said and hoisted her off the ground.

Samantha squirmed in his arms and whined, “I hope we’re not going far. How far in do we need to go to be romantic anyway?”

A strange hush fell over the woods.

Samuel yelped. He dropped Samantha and fell to the ground, writhing, his lips skinned back into a fierce snarl. Within seconds Samuel morphed into a chihuahua with glowing red eyes.

“What —,” said Samantha with a wide-eyed grin, “Samuel! You knew I didn’t approve of you becoming a werewolf and you’ve found a lovely compromise! You’re just adorable.”

Samantha scooped him into her purse. “You’re the perfect size for a supernatural being.”

Samuel snuffled and growled. He licked Samantha’s hand and howled — forever doomed to transform into a Werehuahua on the night of a full moon.


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