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Laugh Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival

by Erikka Innes

I’m on a roll with festivals! As of this moment I’m proud to announce I’ll be headlining a show as part of Laugh Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival. This festival was created by Bobbie Oliver, and is inspired by the early 90s punk rock feminist movement Riot Grrrl (which I didn’t know this, but they inspired punk activists Pussy Riot). The festival ideology is:

  • Tao Comedy Studio before a show

    Encouraging more grrrls to do comedy and supporting the ones who do

  • Supporting the boys who are down with the cause
  • Using our comedy powers for good and not evil
  • Following the long standing adage that good comedy punches UP, not down
  • Creating safe spaces for women
  • Political activism supporting Feminism and Civil Rights for all

I’m looking forward to appearing a part of this festival, Bobbie Oliver does a lot for our comedy community here in Los Angeles. I’m honored to be invited to perform. All the shows are at Tao Comedy Studio, and happen the week of June 5-12th. I can’t wait. To quote the festival info… “START A FUCKING RIOT!” And of course, if you want to learn more about the festival, you can check out the website: Laugh Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival.

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