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Freaky Geeks Show #3!

by Erikka Innes
Nina Daniels and Erikka Innes present “Freaky Geeks” – the comedy show that features quirky comedians, outlandish variety acts, and non-stop laughs. Join us for an evening of weird music, insane clowns, and hilarious stand-up comedy from some of the freakiest geeks around. Come get your geek or freak on with:Headliner Hasan Minhaj – ABC’s “State of Georgia″, Chelsea Lately

Erikka Innes – niche free idiot savant (Sirius XM “Hey Get Off My Lawn” regular)Robin Higgins – knows science AND jokes (Podcast “Who Would You Do?”)

Klee Wiggins – adjunct professor at the Dr. Emilius Browne Correspondence College of Witchcraft” (Kevin Avery’s Thugs the Musical)

Scot Nery – Unusual comedy juggler, called “Splendidly Surreal” by Robin Williams

Joshua Meyrowitz – the man known as “Autistic Thunder” (Podcast “Def Wanna F with Jeff and Matt”)

Joseph Larkin – LA’s most eligible bachelor (Proprietor of Dangerfield’s 2 AND 3)

and your host…
ERIC CASH – the world’s most oedipal clown…Ronald McDonald meets H.P. Lovecraft (HBO’s “Real Sex”)


Normally, $10, but for you because I like you….$5 with promo code “Geeky” online here- http://hollywood.improv.com/show.cfm?id=181110

or dress as a pirate…or mention “Geeky” at the door.

No drink minimum and NO DRINK MAXIMUM EITHER (whoa, dude)

August 24th, 10:30 p.m.
The Improv Comedy Lab
8156 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA

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