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Angry Geeks in the SF Weekly

by Erikka Innes

I put together a show at the SF Punchline with my friend Dave Sirus (he appeared as his alter ego Brick Stone on the show). The night of the show it rained really hard but we still had a good crowd turn out. I think the best part about putting on your own shows is picking the line up – we had a fantastic group of comedians: Nina Daniels, Alison Stevenson, Tapan Trivedi, Keith Lowell Jensen, and Larry “Bubbles” Brown did a guest set since Sammy Obeid couldn’t make it.

Larry was pretty hilarious backstage. My favorite line of his was “I like girls with glasses. You know why? Less credible eye witness testimony.”

Another cool part of doing this show was we made pick of the week for what to do with your Tuesday Night. Keith Bowers did a great write up on our show and here it is (there’s also a lovely picture of Keith dressed as a banana in it!):


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