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I love working on projects with other people. Here are a few testimonials about my work in the entertainment industry!


“Erikka is a terrifically creative artist, and a tireless renaissance woman. She’s that rare combination of smart, funny and sexy that makes male models wish they could keep up with her, Trekkies creep out of the basement to brave the sun, and the rest of us laughing ‘cuz we’re pretty sure we’re in on the joke. Stand up comic, writer, filmmaker, actor, she does it all, and does it with infectious charm and personality. She’s a pro’s pro.”
Chip Street, Screenwriter / Filmmaker

“Erikka is a creative force. Her approach to a project is always full throttle and she will give you everything she’s got without holding back. Her writing, performing, and directing skills are top notch.” – Howard Stone, Comedy Noir Productions

“Our newsdesk script team was overwhelmed with work and she stepped in to punch up the final script, working through the night to deliver the script on time by morning. During shooting that same weekend, she was exhausted but performed with poise and professionalism as one of the hosts of the show. It was a very demanding role. I am certain that if you hire her, you’ll soon be dancing in ecstatic circles around your desk because of her unflagging productivity, on-time deliverables, and all-around excellence of heart and mind.” – Leesa M Stanion, Stanion Productions


“I needed a last minute review of a screenplay and Erikka certainly attacked the job like a professional. Her notes were thorough, kind, cordial, insightful, and very articulate — a rare but delightful surprise in script development. She has such a great eye for what works/doesn’t work for a story, I have to say that I incorporated just about all of her notes.” – Nathan Ruegger, Writer/Director

“We were really happy to have Erikka as a freelance writer for Flixster. She does a fantastic job of translating her intelligence into excellent humor pieces, and her creativity was great in brainstorming session. She proved to be very versatile, capable of expertly weaving together disparate subjects into our movie trope, and her reviews of media (movies and video games, for us) were excellent and received significant traction on social media sites.” – Brad Selby, Flixster

“Erikka’s writing for my TV show on Comcast Television was brilliant. She’s a fresh new comedic voice and her material is edgy as well as from the heart. But that’s no surprise after you hear her unique standup.” – Richard Stockton, producer of “Fondle The Fear” and “Planet Cruz Comedy Hour”

“I’ve known Erikka for many years and unabashedly endorse her writing skills. She was recruited to the Orange Coast Voice when I was still that paper’s entertainment editor. I initially copyedited her work, but after a short time it was no longer necessary and the managing editor received her copy directly. Once an end-goal is outlined (and editor expectations clarified) Erikka is a self-started and very creative writer. She ended up being a regular monthly columnist at the OC Voice, writing local entertainment profiles on Orange County musicians, comedians, and others, for over a year. In this role she needed to independently track down story leads, do research on her subjects conduct interviews, and submit on deadline. In a newspaper format attention to detail and an engaging vernacular with which to catch readers are particularly important, and Erikka succeeded.” -David Preston, Entertainment Editor, Orange Coast Voice


“Erikka Innes is a very talented stand up comedian. I have known her since her very beginnings as a comic. She has always been consistently funny with very strong comedic writing skills evident in her performance. Her jokes are intelligent and well crafted, as well as funny. I would definitely recommend her for any show going on anywhere.” – Robert Selander, Comedian

“If you haven’t seen Erikka Innes perform, you are seriously missing out.  One part elven hippy girl, one part nerdy 14 year old boy, her humor is a complex mix of cerebral goodness and in-your-face goofy.  I’ve had the pleasure of performing with her on several occasions, and I always look forward to what she’s going to toss out on stage.  I’m never disappointed, and neither is the audience.  She’s a real crowd-pleaser.  I LOVE HER!!!” – Lisa Myers, Comedian

“Erikka’s comedy runs from the observational to the surreal. Holding your sides in laughter makes it that much harder to reach the thesaurus. Smart, but never pretentious. Accessible, but never ordinary. – Dean Inouye, Writer/Comedian

“Erikka Innes is a brilliant comedian. Her geeky mine goes to the far reaches of your psyche where the razor sharp meets the loopy, where the fantastic meets the goofy and where the funny meets the truth. A prolific writer with precise act outs – she never shies back from taking a punch at anyone. She did perhaps the geekiest known Paris Hilton joke ever. What joke? You will just have to check her out at the Geek Comedy Showcase that she successfully produces every month at the Rooster T. Feathers Comedy club in the Bay Area. She has made this writer laugh out loud with her uncanny impression of a midget tuning a sitar!” – Tapan Trivedi, Comedian

“Erikka is a fine comedian and show producer. Her shows are always well organized and promoted with attentive audiences. As a comedian she’s got a great variety of material to entertain any audience.” – Phil Johnson, Owner, Dangerous Grooves Records / Roadside Attraction


“Erikka has produced several comedy shows at Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club where I am a manager. She really knows how to “get butts in seats” and provide a truly professional show from start to finish. With her many contacts in the comedy scene, Erikka can attract top comedians to perform in her shows.” – Beth Schumann, manager at Rooster T. Feathers

“I have worked with Erikka many times in both her roles as performer and producer. As a producer, her shows are notable for their professionalism, effective marketing to her target audience, and combination of humor and intelligence. She has the same qualities as a performer – Dependable, creative, and consistently funny and entertaining.” – Jerry Goldstone, hired Erikka as a Comedian/Producer in 2006

“Erikka is an extremely motivated show producer who brings creativity to the many different obligations of being an independent promoter. WHereas most of her peers are fixated on organizing free rooms based on personal contact with the venue owner/manager, Erikka, either herself or by enlisting others, reaches out for free publicity in local media, creatively markets and flyers the shows, considers and enlists sponsors where possible, and is always thinking of the larger angle or tour potential. She is extremely ambitious with her work, which is reflected in “quality-goes-in-before-the-name-goes-on” attitude about the shows. Her Geek Comedy Night, which jammed Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale, is perhaps the best example of this. For a comedian she is the most serious and directed individual I know and, yes, she’s still funny when it counts.” – Owen Good, reporter, weekends and sports columnist for Kotaku


“Highly recommend @nerdgirlcomedy‘s album on #iTunes! Side-splitting laughs for <$10. Beats the price of admission… and no 2-drink minimum!” – @SteveHarshfield

“Hey I watched a couple of your stand up videos earlier and they were pretty funny.” – @RobertInCypress

“She is fuunnny! And personable! And sweet! And FUUNNNY! Did I mention funny? Do yourself a favor … Follow!” – @RdboTMLfan

“You’ll always be Super Nerd Girl to me! (it’s like Wonder Woman but funnier with better gadgets).” – @ironsunshine 687

“She is actually the coolest chick on Twitter!” – @AJAM79

“Erikka’s jokes are so funny they make me lactate.” – @justfucknjeremy

“Caught your comedy clip, reference to Santa and masturbation was hilarious! Always amazed how comics find “the links”. Brilliant I’m hooked” – @MooTunesB

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