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Don’t date a stand-up comic! Be one! – Shout out to Erikka from author Marilyn Anne Michaels

L.A. Comedy Underground in Santa Paula – Ventura County Star talks about a show Erikka headlines in Santa Paula

Taking to Twitter: Everybody’s Oscar night in 140 characters – Writer Patrick Hruby selected one of Erikka’s tweets for his round up!

Guyspeed Interview – Jackie Mancini of Guyspeed interviews Erikka about her new album, comedy, and fake geek girls.

Comedian Erikka Innes is a Real Nerd – Chatting with Amy Hawthorne about comedy and having stuff you like end up popular after you started liking it.

Erikka Innes’ ‘Smells Like Nerd Spirit’ – Nate Rankin reviews Erikka’s new album “Smells Like Nerd Spirit.” It was a good review (why would I add a terrible review to this page?) but America’s Comedy is no more. If I somehow find an archived copy I’ll link it.

Comedian Erikka Innes Special Live Taping – Cort Tafoya talks about the taping of Erikka’s comedy special.

Pong Birds – Gary Singh writes up the 40th Anniversary of Pong celebration hosted by Erikka at Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale!

Top Bay Area Comedians On Twitter – The SF Weekly’s picks for which comedians to follow on twitter.

The greatest gags, tweets, and jokes from the past year – NY Post, Erikka’s joke made it in!

Comics Favorite Jokes – NY Post, Erikka’s joke made it in!

Get Off the Lawn – 2nd Appearance w/ Bryan Cox!

Defining Self-Esteem – An article from Identity Magazine about how different women define self-esteem. I’m #5!

Interview and Review of Album Sex with Nerds – An article from America’s Comedy about my standup routine and my album. And this is a bummer, they took it down and I don’t have a copy for you! It was epic though, I swear.

Finding Your Personal Strength and Weaknesses – An article where a variety of talented women share their personal weakness. I’m listed talking about my weakness under #12 Dance Like No One is Watching!

Review: California’s Funniest Female ContestComediva says Erikka’s material is smart!

ZoiksOnline Review of Sex with Nerds – May 22nd, 2011, Sean Patrick Kernan of ZoiksOnline reviews my new album “Sex with Nerds.”

Erikka Innes Interviewed by ZoiksOnline – May 21st, 2011, Jason Tanamor from ZoiksOnline interviews me about my stand-up, my new album, and why there are so many stand-up comedians.

Erikka Innes Interviewed by EgoTV – May 2nd, 2011, A fun ‘Would You Rather?’ with EgoTV. Find out why I’d be willing to wear Depends on national television in front of the president!

Erikka Innes Interviewed by Smartboy of Smartboy Designs – April 1st, 2011, Christian Hollingsworth of Smartboy Designs interviews me about my comedy and writing! Find out about my early years as a writer.

High School Reunion Comedy Tour – June 3rd, 2010,’s Caroline Thompson provides a review of the show.

Audience Testimonials for High School Reunion Comedy Tour – May 29, 2010, Scroll down for glowing reviews from audience who attended my show.

Comedian has something to prove – May 21, 2010, Lompoc Record. An article about the High School Reunion Comedy Tour in Lompoc. Photo by Robert Millner.

Best Bets: May 8th 2010 – The High School Reunion Comedy Tour was voted a best bet activity for May 8th in Santa Cruz by the Santa Cruz Sentinel. If you want a copy of the press clipping let me know!

Nerds, cool kids square off in comedy show – May 6th, 2010, Santa Cruz Sentinel. An article about the High School Reunion Comedy Tour when it hit Santa Cruz!

Gets Messy Killing Yuppies – May 3rd, 2010, A review of “Don’t Feed the Yuppies” from film examiner Mathew Szymanowski.

High school reunion comedy tour tonight – April 27th, 2010, Pleasanton Weekly. An article that briefly describes the High School Reunion Comedy Tour and invites readers to attend.

East Oregonian: At Play: Weekend of October 2, 2009 — You have to pay $2.95 to read this article since it’s in archives. So, no link!

Geek Event: Comics 4 Comix Cartoon Art Museum Benefit on April 10, 2008 – Great White Snark provides a write up on a show I did with Mike Capozzola to help support the Cartoon Art Museum.

5 Funny Females Hosted by Susan Alexander — SF Station San Francisco’s City Guide, Nov. 2007 — a write up of the Five Funny Females Tour…I’m mentioned if you scroll down…waaaaay down.

The Weekend Comedy Lineup — Southern Oregon’s News Source, Mail Tribune, Nov. 2nd, 2007 — a write up about a show I did with one of my favorite geek comedians and writers, Jimmy Turner.

Stand-up Show Revels in Star Trek, Superheroes, and Life in a Cubicle — by Liz Scott for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 2006 — an article about Erikka Innes and Daymon Ferguson’s show Geek Comedy Night, scroll to page 14 and click the item labeled “Stand-up Show Revels in Star Trek, Superheroes, and Life in a Cubicle.”

Sunnyvale’s Got Talent! — by Jason Goldman of the Sunnyvale Sun, July 2006 — an article about Geek Comedy Night and some of its performers.

Go Laugh at a Geek! — by Jeremy Toeman of Live Digitally, May 2006 — an article about Geek Comedy Night.

Yukking it Up: Comedy in Santa Cruz — by Liz Scott for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, April 2006 — an article about comedy in Santa Cruz, scroll to page 6 and open the item labeled “Yukking it Up.”

Stand and Deliver — by Liz Scott for Palo Alto Weekly, December 9th, 2005 — an article about the comedy community in the south bay.

Women Stage Own Comedy Tour — Marin Independent Journal, June 21, 2005 — an article about women in comedy. I think you might have to pay to read it. If anyone is super excited about seeing the article send me an email and I’ll make a PDF out of the hard copy I have.